A couple of words on materials and craftsmanship

As I have already mentioned, nature is the source of my motifs, therefore, in expresing myself I use natural materials such as wood, bones and leather. I sometimes combine these three materials in making an object.
In woodcarving, I use different kinds of wood, bones and antlers. For its homogeneous structure, the bone is a perfect base for so called ‘miniature’ carving. Its brightness provides extraordinary contrast and this is why I use it for mini ornaments on various objects made of wood and leather.
I use leather for making small objects which I often decorate by painting or by usnig pyrography method. It is useful to know that it has been present through centuries. It was an inevitable detail in the past in the lives of warriors, knights, and in the present in the lives of hunters and naturalists. At some point it became irreplaceable.
In my workshop ” Austringer-art”, handsewn leather of the most quality combined with the traditional spirit changes into various falconry objects and necessities. Falconry hats, hunting bags, baits and many other objects become pieces made by skilled hands inspired by tradition and nature.