About me

My name is Milan Vuckovic, I am a woodcarver, a painter and a falconer, in a word, an artist. It may sound unusual to some people, but the main connection between these three is, in my opinion, nature. Nature is where I get my ideas and motivation from. People say that each man is born with something. As a boy, I imagined myself as a knight with a falcon on my wrist. Later I realized it’s not just my imagination, but a feeling coming streight from my heart. I started practicing falconry actively in 2004. the same year I passed falconry exam and gained the title of „falconer“ in the „Nobilis Ars“ falconry club. „Austringer“, the name of my workshop, is an archaic name for a falconer who trains, flies and hunts with birds from the Accipiter genus, such as the goshawk and the sparrowhawk. I must proudly say that I make all the falconry equipment by myself. Making this equipment demands a high level of craftsmanship and a great deal of patience, therefore I can easily classify this as a rare art that is unfortunately fading along with the spirit of falconry times. All of my works are genuine, so if you wish for a unique object that reflects the spirit of the ancient hunters and naturalists, you are at the right spot.